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Dean - Prof. Ingrida Baranauskiene                   
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Vice-Dean - Lina Miliuniene, M.S.
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In 1960 first students – special pedagogues (defectologists) were admitted to Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute, in 1975 the Faculty of defectology was set up, in 1992 renamed the Faculty of Special education, according to the resolution of the Senate (2006-06-21, Protocol No. 7) beginning with 1 August 2006 the Faculty changed the name to Social Welfare and Disability Studies. The name was changed with regard to the fact that the name of Special Education is too narrow to express the activities of the Faculty.
In the Faculty there are over 30 full-time lecturers: 6 professors, 12 associate professors, 3 lectors PhD, 5 PhD students, 5 lectors, 1 assistant.
There are 881 students in the Faculty, out of them 632 are bachelor students, 157 master students, 92 students of abridged bachelor studies.
In the recent years a very rapid development of the faculty has been taking place: the number of study programmes is increasing, students are offered a bigger variety of study forms, in every study programme the number of specializations is increasing. New specializations are offered with regard to the situation in the labour market, to new demands of the employers.

The Faculty offers the following study programmes:

  • I cycle (Bachelor's degree studies)

Social Education (specializations: Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling; Management and Policy of Socioeducational Work; Mediation and Counseling in Socioeducational work)
Special Education (specializations: Speech Therapy, Movement Correction)
Health Education (specializations: Public Health Education; Coordination of Health Education)
Physical Therapy

  • II cycle (Master degree studies)

Social Education (specialization Coordination of Socioeducation Projects)
Special Education (specializations: Speech Therapy, Coordination of Special Education)
Adapted Physical Education (specializations: Management of Adapted Physical Education; Coordination of Health Education)

  • III cycle (Doctor's degree studies in Education)

The faculty premises are modern, accessible to people with disabilities. Currently 27 persons with disabilities are studying at the Faculty. Classes are run by competent academic staff from Lithuania and abroad.
The possibilities are created for our students to study according to the international ERASMUS exchange programme: to continue a part of the studies in higher education institutions from Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Norway, etc. The Student Representatives' Office is in Room 503 (the president of the Student Representatives' Council of the Faculty of Social Welfare and Disability Studies: Edita Mkrtūmian).

Courses offered by the Faculty of Social Welfare and Disability Studies for international students: Project – Personal Learning Portfolio; Special Needs Education; Inclusive Education; Reading Instruction for Special Needs and etc. (more information)

The researchers of the Faculty of Social Welfare and Disability Studies actively participate in forming the directions of national policy of special, social and health education and are able to meet the demands of changing national education system.
It is the only faculty in Lithuania having old traditions and strong potential in the fields of special education, rendering assistance to children with SEN and research on social demands of people with disabilities and persons from socially excluded groups. This faculty is the only one in Lithuania that trains special educators (speech therapists, movement correction specialists) successfully working in the institutions that belong to the national system of education, healthcare and social security and able to participate both in national and European labour and research market.
In the Faculty for the first time in the history of the University a joint programme of bachelor studies in Kinesitherapy together with Klaipėda University is implemented.
Having successfully implemented the study of opportunities the project to prepare international master study programme "Social Work" with Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" has been written and approved.
The second cycle study programme Special Education (specialization – coordination of special education) in the English language according to the INTERMAG project "Master studies based on internationality and research" is being prepared.
In the structure of the Faculty the Research Centre of Special Education successfully functions and it comprises the specialists and researchers in the fields of social and biomedical sciences from Lithuania and foreign countries. Periodical reviewed scientific journals of the Faculty "Special Education" and "Social Welfare: Interdisciplinary Approach" are included into international databases of scientific publications. In these journals researchers from Lithuania and other countries working in the fields of the research of disability and social welfare have possibility to present their newest researches.
The researchers of the Faculty every year organize international conferences and seminars, initiate and participate in various scientific projects. The main fields of scientific researches are the following: investigation and evaluation of social demands of people with disabilities and persons from socially excluded groups; demands and competences of the participants of education process: psychological and educational aspects; educational, psychological and social aspects of special and inclusive education; health of children, adolescents and youth: psychosocial aspects.
Scientific and academic relations with other Lithuanian and foreign universities are especially rapidly developing. The fields of collaboration are many: international conferences, teacher internships, student exchange programmes, joint projects. The Faculty maintains especially close relations with Manchester Metropolitan University (UK); Open International University of Human Development "Ukraina"; Rezekne Higher School (Latvia), etc.
The Faculty participates in international programmes: Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, academic exchange internships, etc. for students, doctoral students, teachers and academic staff take place.


Research Centre of Special Education 

Joint scientific journal "Social Welfare"