I - International Scientific Conference “Good Governance in Local Self-Government: European and National Trends”

12th – 13th October, 2012



The aim of the conference – to provide possibilities for sharing scientific and practical experiences in the field of good governance in local self-government by promoting science, business, state authorities and society social partnership, the expression of transparency, accountability, responsibility, openness and other principles of good governance. The conference aims to encourage fundamental and applied public administration researches, which contribute to social and economical development of the region and stable local communities. Researchers and experts from different fields (Public Administration, Political Science, Law, Economics, Management, etc.) are invited to participate and discuss the proposed object from various aspects.

The conference focused on a broad range of topics:

  • Good governance for improving economic performance and promoting economic progress
  • Effective and modern management of resources in public sector
  • Legal aspects of good governance in local self-government
  • Management reforms and innovations in local self-government
  • Strategic and synergetic partnership in local self-government
  • Citizens’ participation and empowerment
Conference Partners

The conference is organised in cooperation with project POL-LOC (Politics and Policy-Making at the Local Level), Association of Lithuanian Authorities, Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Municipalities of Siauliai City, Siauliai District, Radviliskis District, Hotel “Saulys” and Ltd. “Ruta”.

Scientific Committee of the Conference:

Chairperson – prof. dr. D. Šaparnienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania)

Deputy Chairperson – prof. dr. H. Malevski (Šiauliai University, Lithuania)

Members: prof. dr. T.Tamošiūnas (Šiauliai University, Lithuania), dr. G. Šatienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania), assoc. prof. dr. L. Liukinevičienė (Šiauliai University, Lithuania), prof. dr. A. Krupavičius (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania), assoc. prof. dr. R. Civinskas (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania), prof. dr. H. Kukemelk (Tartu University, Estonia), prof. habil. dr.W. Gromski (Wroclaw University, Poland), assoc. prof. dr. R. Bata (Pardubice University, Czech Republic).