Sexual Intercouse and Personal Identification in the Cinema of Recent Decades

Leonarda Jekentaitė


Films in our days are full of quite open scenes of intercourse, and sometimes it is difficult to distinct the piece of real art and pornography, what was unimaginable in the classical tradition. It can be interpretated as the sighn that sexuality is very important for the identification of contemporary human being. Everything related with the sexuality claims for the visualization and for its own place in the public discourse.

Psychoanalysis explained, that sexual instincts are those, which mature and integrate the last and because of that sexual relations become the most important test for the self-esteem and self-identification.

We can distinct three modes of unsuccessful relations between sexual life and self-identification. First, when sexual behavior is detached from the sphere of conscious identification. (For example, "Marriage of Maria Brown" by Rainer Werner Fassbinder). Second, when sexuality is identificated with the lowest, dirtiest and awful part of human being. (For example, „Piano Teacher" by Michael Haneke). And the third, full identification with the sexuality. (For example, Kim Ki-Duk „The Isle").

The best films witness that the sexual love experience and intercourse especially deeply touches the core of human identification and his fate, because sexuality and intercourse means for human being much more than only the body-relation.