Eco­no­mic ro­les of gen­ders

Vi­da Ka­no­pie­nė


The ar­tic­le aims to com­pa­re eco­no­mic ro­les of men and wo­men. The da­ta of na­tio­nal sta­tis­tics and EUROSTAT, pre­sen­ted in the ana­ly­sis enab­le to conc­lu­de that gen­der em­plo­y­ment gap in Lit­hu­a­nia is one of the lo­west among the EU mem­ber sta­tes and the dif­fe­ren­ces in du­ra­tion of wor­king ti­me of fe­ma­les and ma­les are ne­gli­gib­le. Ho­we­ver, gen­der seg­re­ga­tion by sec­tor and gen­der pay gap still per­si­st: the ave­ra­ge mont­hly wa­ge of wo­men still stands at on­ly 83,5 % of the wa­ge for men, the­se dif­fe­ren­ces are ob­ser­ved in all sec­tors of eco­no­my, both at the ‘bot­tom' and the ‘top' of ‘oc­cu­pa­tio­nal py­ra­mid'. Hig­her in­co­mes, do­mi­nan­ce in pri­va­te sec­tor and pub­lic li­fe for­ti­fy the ima­ge of ‘ma­le - bre­ad win­ner' in so­cie­ty.