Viktoras Liutkus

The meaning of the concept “almost-a-decent-artist” by D. Kuspit allows to rate it as “provincial.” It assumes that the artist can comply with similar relations between the context of local art and a familiar psychologi­cal condition everywhere: in Šiauliai, Vilnius or New York. Of course, these are different scales, but the artist is not to be blamed this time. Moreover, the conflict between the artist and society, pressure and struggle is eliminated. The role of the artist is no longer to contest and define, but interpose and solidify himself as an individual creator and a member of society. Joining the ranks of Šiauliai, Vilnius and New York, we can tell that the appreciation and anticlimax in art life of these cities has changed. Although scales and pressures were different, but for all three cases the same remark by Ortega y Gasset suits: we have to try to find our own environment, such as it is in reality, and especially at its place in the perpetual reaches of the world.