Virginijus Kinčinaitis

The purpose of this report, practicing the theory of the German philosopher N. Luchmann and its results of utilitarian towards the world art, is to deny a popular provision concerning the possibility of the world art extinction in society and shift the discussion towards a more accurate definition of the functions of world art, although by a tight, but powerful terms of functional theories, in which the pragmatic problem of insularity, similarity and necessity of various programs, systems occur.

According to the society of this sociologist, as a theory of a system, the contemporary society acts like a functional discriminating system. Therefore, different pieces of this functional system or fields of proceeding are not separated from one another according to its own specificity, but can be compared to the features of systemic functionalism. In art case (as in science, politics or law) we discover not specific or unique features of the field, but such qualities, which can be successfully found in other functional systems. Art in society exists while discriminating its own field as a system, which submits to the logic of operative closure.

In this case there is no need to ask about a causative bearing on the influence of art on society or society on art and there is no sense to refine on the questions of art autonomy as well.

Contemporary art is autonomous in the sense of operative as well. It works as a social communication dealing with its own referential bearing of the world art / environment or interior systems.

Likewise as in the industry of information, where selection of information is a process of the interior of news, the industry and its own selection is the condition and the result of a functional system, the same is in the world art / inartistic codes create and support each other in order the world art system could function; they are the aim and the result for themselves. Thus, the systems of the world art or information and news industry preserve themselves and create succession and necessity of the proceeding work.