Silvija Papaurėlytė

The aim of the present paper is to reveal the means, which help to describe the position of sadness emotions in Lithuanian and Russian worldviews. The analysis is subjected to more than 1000 examples taken from Lithuanian and Russian fiction, the corpus compiled in Vytautas Magnus University and Russian corpus.

The localization of emotional states in Lithuanian and Russian worldviews is described very similarly.

On the ground of the examples the conclusion is drawn that only in the Lithuanian language the localization of emotional state is associated with blood,subconsciousness. In Russian worldview the being of emotions inside the experiencer is especially detailed. The exact place near really existing inner body organs can be revealed as well.

In Lithuanian worldview the largest part of sadness emotional states is localized in heart. In Russian worldview the correlation of emotional states in heart and soul is almost the same.

The compared languages conceptualize differently heart and soul. In both worldviews it is a three-dimensional space, in which emotions accumulate as well as some special processes occur. In Lithuanian worldview only the inside of those objects is meant. In Russian it is common to describe the emotional states as being on or under one of those organs.

In the Russian language worldview sadness emotions can take more various positions than the same emotional states can take in the Lithuanian language worldview.

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